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EnPro (enproduction)
Since 2003, we develop "EnProduction" to cover manufacturing area requirement. Today we have EnProduction which cover most of manufacturing function (in theory both MRP and MRPII). Covered function include Sale Order, Bom Explosion, Auto Purchase Order, Stock Management, Capacity and scheduling, Maching Maintenance and also Job costing. We also integrated with MAC5 and SAP B1, which will take part in Accouting and Financing function. Detail of each system is:

[Sale Analysis]
[Material Requirement Planning]
[Purchase Analysis]
[Shop Floor]
[Inventory Management]
[Capacity and Scheduling]
[Job Costing]
[Preventive Maintenance]

Sale Analysis Key Features:
  • Support quotation, sale order, tax invoice, credit note and debit note.
  • Support multi-currency transaction.
  • Control pricing, item base price and customer base price.
  • Support step discount.
  • Manage delivery transaction, back order and balance.
  • Print sale related document in customer specific format such as Sales order, Delivery Note, Tax Invoice, Credit note.

  • Report Example :
  • Sale summary report.
  • Sale detail report.
  • Back order report.
  • Delivery plan
  • Monthly Sale comparison report.
  • Sale profit and lost report.
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    (Material Requirement Planning)
    Key Features:
  • Generate production plan from sale order quantity, stock balance, reserve raw material quantity, minimum quantity and BOM.
  • Record Forecast order information.
  • Generate Raw material usage planกจ from sale order quantity, stock balance,
  • Reserve raw material quantity, minimum quantity and BOM.
  • User selectable to auto-generates pr and job document.
  • Ability to drill down to source information of each MRP column.
  • Calculate expected raw material receive date for purchase item by supplier lead time and calculate expected finished dateกจ for production item by production lead time.

  • Report Example
  • Production estimation report (includes production quantity and estimate finished date).
  • Estimate raw material usage report (by BOM).
  • Estimate raw material purchasing report (includes purchase quantity and expected received date).
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    Purchase Analysis Key Features:
  • Create purchase order by link data from MRP or purchase requisition. And provide ability to edit the order and create manual purchase order.
  • Support multi-currency transaction.
  • Support purchase requisition and approval process.
  • 3 approval level with signature by purchase amount.
  • Manage supplier delivery time.
  • Prepare supplier delivery plan.
  • Partial delivery and extra delivery by pre-define setup.
  • Delivery inspection process can be setup by each raw material.

  • Report Example:
  • Supplier delivery summary report by supplier or product.
  • Purchasing detail report.
  • Purchasing back order report.
  • Monthly purchase comparison report.
  • Supplier purchase price history report.
  • Supplier delivery plan report.
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    Capacity/Scheduling Key Features:
  • Calculate required capacity compare with current capacity.
  • Analyst capacity base on work center/machine.
  • Analyst capacity base on shift.
  • Sequence each production order in hour and minute detail.ี
  • Generate production plan for shopfloor.

  • Report Example:
  • Require capacity report.
  • Capacity report base by work center/machine.
  • Capacity report base by shift.
  • Production material issue plan.
  • Weekly production plan.
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    Shop Floor Control Key Features:
  • Control production in production line.
  • BOM and routing can be varied by your production process.
  • Ability to copy current BOM and modify when issue production order.
  • Supports assembly production and multi-level BOM.
  • Raw material issue and return transaction with Job no and all material usage can be report in each job.
  • Record production time and production result (good/waste) in each work center.
  • Track each job no. production status or production order status.
  • Review WIP balance, brake down to work center level.
  • Supports outsource process and sub-contract.
  • Identify variance between plan quantity and standard quantity by job or production order.
  • Compare standard time and actual time to show production efficiency.
  • Support QA process.
  • Separate production result (good/waste) by reason and store in each work center.

  • Report Example:
  • Production detail report (good/waste each process).
  • Production time comparison report.
  • Production report by work center/department.
  • Raw material issue report.
  • Production waste report by job no/ production no/ work center/ department.
  • Material usage comparison report.
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    Job Costing Key Features:
  • Calculate production cost by job no.
  • Calculate direct labor cost by job no.
  • Allocate production overhead cost such as electricity, machine depreciation, into finish goods cost with actual cost at the end of each month.
  • Allocate production overhead cost by various criteria such as labor hour, machine hour, production unit by machine and production area.
  • Include/exclude outsource/sub-contract cost in finish goods production cost.
  • Allocate landed cost (freight cost, duty fee, insurance fee) to raw material cost after material receiving.

  • Report Example:
  • Production cost summary report by job no.
  • Cost allocation report.
  • Cost comparison report for Standard cost and Actual cost (work with Standard cost module only).
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    Inventory Management Key Features:
  • Control store movement transaction such as issue, receive, transfer and adjust.
  • Control all type of store balance such as raw material store, WIP store, and FG store.
  • Control store management by lot no/Serial no.
  • Support Bin/location concept.
  • Support receives inspection process and support for issue un-inspection material.
  • Specific supplier for each material.
  • Support FIFO and Average costing method.
  • Support raw material with expired date.
  • Support issue supply material by department.
  • Budgeting system for each item.

  • Report Example:
  • Stock movement report (overall and separate by bin/location).
  • Stock balance report.
  • Lot/Serial no. balance report.
  • Receive inspection report.
  • Supply material issue report by department.
  • Raw material expire warning report.
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    Machine Maintenance Key Features:
  • Define non-production time for each machine, which will link to machine production plan.
  • Keep maintenance/repair history of each machine
  • Able to create machine maintenance plan.

  • Report Examples:
  • Machine maintenance/repair history report.
  • Machine maintenance plan.
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    โปรแกรมการผลิต/ โปรแกรมวางแผนการผลิต/ โปรแกรมวางแผนผลิต/ โปรแกรมบัญชีและการเงิน/ โปรแกรมสำเร็จรูป/ โปรแกรมขายสินค้า/ โปรแกรมสั่งซื้อสินค้า/ โปรแกรมบริหารลูกค้า/ โปรแกรมบริหารสต๊อก/ คลังสินค้า/ Inventory Control/ โปรแกรมคลังสินค้า/ ต้นทุนผลิต/ คำนวณต้นทุนการผลิต/ โปรแกรมบริหารการผลิต/ MRP/ MRPII/ ERP/ ซอฟต์แวร์/ Software/ สถานะการผลิต/ การผลิต/ โปรแกรมโรงงาน/ Capacity/ Machine/ โปรแกรมบริหารคลังสินค้า/ โปรแกรมบัญชี/ ควบคุมการผลิต/ โปรแกรมบริหารงานซ่อม/ วางแผนเครื่องจักร/ ต้นทุนการผลิต/ รายงานการผลิต/ รายงานแผนการผลิต/ Program/ โปรแกรม